Pokkisham Suppan’s Review

pokkisham Pokkisham Suppan’s Review
Movie Name: Pokkisham
Directed by: Cheran
Produced by: Nemichand
Music by: Sabesh Murali
Movie Release Date: 14-August-2009
Movie Rating: 7/10 and 4/10

Suppan’s Review

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Pokkisham Suppan’s Review

Pokkisham Movie Story

Cheran is a marine engineer who is Kolkatta in the year 1970. His father Vijayakumar is hospitalized for a surgery. So he comes down to Nagapattinam to take care of his father. Next to his father’s bed Padmapriya’s mother gets admitted.

Cheran helps Padmapriya to pay the hospital cost on time. So both get to know each other.

After Cheran leaves to work, he writes letters to Padamapriya and they develop their love. Knowing this Vijakumar goes to Padmapriya’s house and tells his father about their love and marriage. Her father agrees to the same.

Cheran returns happily but within couple of months Cheran stops receiving letters from Padmapriya. So he comes down and finds that Padmapriya and her family no longer stays at that place and they have moved to a place without informing anyone nearby.

He starts searching but he fails.

Now, Cheran’s son finds all these letters and wants to continue his fathers search with the help of new technology. And the same way he finds Padmapriya in Malaysia and he hands over couple of letters that was not posted by his dad.

This movie moves very slow. And I am sure this is not for all type of audience. People above 35 can enjoy the movie for sure. They know the pain of waiting for a letter and communicating.

In my life I have only sent 2 letters, but still I felt so touching in some scenes.

I have to give 2 rating to this movie.

Rating for the people below 35 is 4/10

Rating for he people above 35 is 7/10

Good Points

Photography was amazing

Efforts taken to collect and shoot was great

BGM is nice

Songs were good

Cheran did act as usual

Padmapriya did well

Bad Points

No Comedy which could have satisfied all the audiences

There is no liveliness, it just moves very slow from the start to end

GD Star Rating
Pokkisham Suppan’s Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings