Rajathi Raja Movie Songs Suppan’s Review

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Movie: Rajathi Raja
Directed by: Sakthi Chidambaram
Produced by: Sakthi Chidambaram
Cast: Lawrence, Maanakshi, Mumtaz
Movie Rating: 2/10
Movie Release Date: 15 May 2009

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Rajathi Raja Suppan’s Review

Movie Story – Rajathi Raja

Lawrence is a poor guy who lost his parents in his childhood. He also has 3 elder brothers. Just after his father dies, Lawrence and his brothers are taken care by an old woman who also has a grand daughter who is treated as sister of Lawrence.

Lawrence works hard and makes all his three brothers become Police, Lawyer and Doctor. Once they get the power in their hand they do not do good things.

Mumtaz is a Minister and she is a rowdy too. All of these three guys join with Mumtaz and do more crimes. Lawrence sister ges sick because of cancer and he admits her in the hospital. But his brother kills her because the old lady was not able to pay the bills.

Lawrence then takes revenge on three of them and also Mumtaz

So movie basically SUCKS with loads of punch and puncher’ed dialogs

Good Points – Rajathi Raja

Meenakshi, should be awarded as glamour girl, she is no more homely, she is awesome with lots of good and great exposure.

Mumtaz has reduced a lot of weight and she looks like she is 20

Elantha palam song is good

Bad Points – Rajathi Raja

The movie itself completely bad

Too much Adults only scenes

Story is Bad

Its a masala movie

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